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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Where to invest ? Market for offshore Drilling Units booms

April 25, 2008
Offshore rig count grows by two
HOUSTON: The worldwide offshore contracted rig count grew by two this week, while the total available offshore rig fleet size is unchanged, according to ODS-Petrodata's weekly mobile offshore rig count.
This week, 614 of the world's 685 mobile offshore drilling units are under contract.  Worldwide offshore rig fleet utilization is 89.6 percent.
In the Asia/Australia region, the number of rigs under contract rose by one this week, thanks to a new jackup contract.  With 100 out of 103 available offshore rigs under contract, fleet utilization stands at 97.1 percent.
All 99 mobile offshore drilling units in the European/Mediterranean region are under contract; European offshore rig fleet utilization is 100.0 percent.
The U.S. Gulf of Mexico contracted and total offshore rig counts are unchanged this week.  With 100 rigs out of 125 available under contract, fleet utilization remains at an even 80.0 percent.
The South American offshore drilling fleet size and number of rigs under contract are unchanged this week.  With 68 rigs out of 92 available under contract, fleet utilization is 73.9 percent.
In West Africa, the offshore rig fleet size and the number of contracted rigs are unchanged. With 57 rigs out of 58 available under contract, utilization remains at 98.3 percent.
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